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Two women set fire to a home of a girl

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What's written in the Sunday Scholarship? Some houses have been set on fire ... I have no books.

The Grade Five Scholarship Examination is now an educational milestone for children and parents as well.

Over the years, parents have been tirelessly exposing their children to the task of smoking.

It was reported today that an adverse weather condition of a girl who was facing another impending dispute has been set on fire at her house in the Meeriyagalla Model Farm in Padukka.

The two men who had a dispute with the family and the family had set fire to the house of Nimashi Kavya yesterday when they were not in the house.

The girl told the nuns that all her books were destroyed by the fire.

Speaking to our news team her parents said that the girl's education was hindered.

The two suspects in the incident were arrested by the Padukka Police and released on bail after being produced at the Avissawella Magistrate's Court.

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