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Rosalia Lombardo opening her eyes.

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In this time lapse where the images are taken two hours apart, Rosalia eyes can be seen opening. This is likely caused by changes in the Catacombs temperature... Capuchin was built by the clergy hundreds of years old, a colostrum located in Palermo, in the country of Sicily. If you have deposited about 2000 m mall of the lower floor of this stately building, Wonderful. Thousands of skeletons sleeping in glass stones are also missing The young girl named Faria Loméo died in 1920 in New Mexico. The same one, an Italian officer known as Lombardo, was saddened by her untimely death. She wanted to leave the world, but she wanted to preserve her memory forever. So, the body of the famous Embram Karz, Alfredo Salphia, has been embalmed for hundreds of years. He removed the blood from the girl's body and filled it with formaldehyde and treated the body with acid and alcohol. It's incredibly amazing how her body remains unbeatable even after a hundred years have passed. Anyone who sees the body of a hundred years old girl is thinking of getting up now. The body is much more secure. Is she dead? Or maybe she's still alive. She has seen in her eyes many visits to see this colister. Experts say that because of the visual illusion that appears on a few occasions, her eyes and the light fall on it. You can see the mysterious incident of camera lens by using sloped mechanics below. This mosquito, known as Pelletia Lobato, is one of the best-preserved mice in the world. Anyone who sees it is surprised. It is, indeed, amazing to see that the innocent face of a girl who is only 2 years old is dying. The living nature of the eyes also surprised one. More about Rosalia here: http://hubpages.com/hub/RosaliaLombardo

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