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The wives are going to the three-wheelers in Anuradhapura

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A young woman revealed that a group of people traveling in Anuradhapura had been raped and raped in three wheelers and had been raped and sexually harassed in order to help the women who come to Anuradhapura from the outskirts of Anuradhapura for immediate urgent needs.

A 42-year-old female resident of Karadiyawa police station in Maradankadawala had been informed of this and had complained to the Anuradhapura police about the incident. The young woman who had faced the incident had been admitted to the Anuradhapura town a few days ago to visit a relative who is being treated at the Anuradhapura teaching hospital.

When she was returning to the old bus terminal in Anuradhapura, she had gone to the bus station with the help of her when she was rushed to the three-wheeler. She was confronted with the mosquito.

The woman said, "A few days ago, I visited a patient receiving treatment at the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital. I was walking towards the old bus stop to Kekirawa. I had to flee the bus because of the absence of a bus. Then a three-wheeler that was traveling on the road slowed down and heard the younger sister Science.

I told him to go to the bus. I also went to that area to tell me how to get money. I got delayed and got into the three-wheeler.

As he walked several meters, he noticed a spray on a three-wheeler. That's all I could not remember. When I regained consciousness, I was in the Anuradhapura Wewa, she had abused me and had left me. "

She noted that she did not remember the registration number of the three-wheeler that had been raised by her and the women who come to the city are very sympathetic. She emphasized that an organized group or one person was watching this degrading act.

(Thisara Samal Eppawala)

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