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5 Mysterious Videos That Need Explaining!

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5 Mysterious Videos That Need Explaining!


With everything we know about the world, it could be easy to assume that there’s not much left that we don’t fully understand. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. The world is a mysterious place and to think that we have it all figured out is the epitome of unbridled hubris. We think that the mysterious is an interesting field with so much potential. The following 5 mysterious videos that need explaining will have keep you at the edge of your seat. Let’s begin!

5. 11B-X-1371

This incredibly creepy video, dubbed only 11B-X-1371, first surfaced on YouTube, but quickly went viral after a copy was mailed to Johnny Krahbichler of gadgetzz.com. Featuring a strange soundtrack, creepy imagery, and other additions that seem to be clues, this video will definitely make it hard to sleep after watching it. One viewer ran the soundtrack through a spectrogram and found that the visual representation of the audio actually had its own creepy clues embedded in it. Along with symbols and lines of code, it also seems to show images of torture and Ringu-esque premonitions of death. An eerie message in binary along with a line of morse code that translates to ‘KILLTHEPRESIDENT’ makes this video even more disturbing. land.

4. Alaskan Ice Monster

Government employees with the Bureau of Land Management in Alaska must have had the surprise of their lives when they came across this sight along the Chena River. During an especially cold day, they came across what appeared to be an as-yet-undiscovered creature lazily swimming against the current. No experts have been able to provide any reasonable explanations as to what this creature could be, with most pointing out that it could very well be previously unknown to science. When officials returned to the site later, the animal had vanished. Some have claimed that this was simply a rope with ice formations, but it does look like much more than that. Given the fact that no rope was recovered later, this theory has a number of holes.

3. Wandering Spirit, Kuwait

This footage will certainly send chills up your spine. The sounds this things makes alone are bloodcurdling. Whether or not this video was staged, it’s super creepy. The shambling, hunched form would make an excellent horror movie apparition...and then some. This entire scene definitely needs further explaining and has been a viral sensation for the past few years. People in the area do believe in spirits and creatures resembling this one. The footage was supposedly taken in Kuwait by a group of workers on their way to service a well.If I were them I would have called in sick that entire week. Knowing that something like that could potentially be real is supremely spooky and a close encounter would be terrifying.

2. Bitterroot Box

This story begins with a college student purchasing a few items off a guy on craigslist. Among them was a box with pictures in it, all of which had the word ‘bitterroot’ written on the back. Nestled among these was a tin can with a reel of film that contained some mysterious and disturbing footage. All of these show a figure wearing what appears to be a burlap or cloth hood over a dark robe. They also show a sack that looks that the mystery person carries around and dumps in the woods. An investigation of the box, its seller, and its contents has so far been fruitless, further adding to its mystery.

1. Paris Lost Catacombs Footage

This video is admittedly hard to watch. Found in the famous Paris catacombs, located deep beneath the city, it shows a very disturbing scene taking place. Many urban explorers are lost and killed in the catacombs each year and their winding maze-like hallways have yet to be properly mapped or documented. This footage suggests that something sinister might be happening down there. It shows a missing spelunker running in terror before dropping his camera. What we don’t know is what he was running from or what happened. This mystery is poised to remain a complete mystery.

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