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5 Monsters Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

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5 Monsters Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


If you believe in monsters you’ll love this video. Whether they’re captured dead or alive, these are five 5 monsters caught on camera & spotted in real life! Let’s begin!

5.) Arizona Winged Monster

This creature was captured on camera by one Richard Christianson in Phoenix, Arizona. The photo seems to capture a quiet, foggy night on a suburban street with a giant, winged creature standing on a lawn. The creature, which has been compared to the Point Pleasant Mothman, is humanoid with long legs, horns, and large wings that appear almost transparent. Christianson posted the picture on Facebook, asking his friends, “What does this look like to you?” Obvious similarities have been drawn between the creature and angels and demons.

4.) Dead Dragon

Dragons are universal symbols and cryptids that cross borders and cultures. This dragon was allegedly captured on a “remote island” by an anonymous American businessman. The dragon, which appears dead, appears to resemble the classic western interpretation of a dragon: a four legged reptile, with large, sharp scales, folded batlike wings, claws, horns, and even some feathers that wave in the ocean breeze. While some have claimed that the video is fake, without the physical body there is no way to prove that claim. This is not the first time that someone has claimed to have found the dead body of a cryptid, and these bodies are typically the only physical evidence of these monsters beyond any damage they leave behind or footage captured.

3.) Homunculus

A homunculus is a classical monster and cryptid that has been known for centuries. The word comes from the Greek for “little man,” and the name comes from the belief that homunculi were fully formed, tiny men that were either the origin of life (kind of like a classical idea of a fetus), or created through alchemy or other witchcraft. This video allegedly captures footage of a homunculus created by a Russian man by injecting human semen into a fertile chicken egg before incubating it for weeks. When the man finally cracks the egg open, it reveals a small creature like that of a human hand, which moves and twitches. It attempts to approach its creator, who kills it by slamming it with a heavy, hardcover book.

2.) Barnacle Sea Monster

This strange creature washed up on the shores of New Zealand. The long creature has what appears to be a face or snout, and is covered with barnacles and what appears to be dreadlocks. The creature, when found, was believed to be a sea monster. It may have been the Taniwha, a sea monster of Maori, native New Zealand peoples, lore that would drag people beneath the waves to their death. Some so called experts argued that the creature was in fact a piece of driftwood or canoe that had been lodged in the seabed, no video of these experts examining the creature has been released. Barnacles have been known to grow on other sea animals including whales and crabs.

1.) Giant Shark Caught in the Mariana Trench

Reports of large, fish like sea monsters are universal. The most well known may be the legend of Leviathan, an ancient and giant fish or whale that ate the Biblical figure Job. While it was traditionally believed that Leviathan had been a whale, the discovery of the ancient and allegedly extinct shark the Megalodon led people to believe that, perhaps, the inspiration for Leviathan had originally been a giant shark. While Megalodons are believed to be extinct, only 5% of the ocean has been explored, and everyday biologists discover new species of creatures and rediscover extinct species. It is not impossible that an evolutionary throwback to the Megalodon may continue to exist. This giant shark was captured by Japanese marine biologists in 2016. The shark, captured in 2016, is allegedly between 29 and 60 feet long though the close distance between the camera and the shark makes it difficult to be sure.

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