A strange thing is done by the young men sitting in a bus in Colombo bus station! (VIDEO) - Aluth Zone

A strange thing is done by the young men sitting in a bus in Colombo bus station! (VIDEO)

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'Neth Gossip' has received a video on a person who behaved in a bus when he was traveling from Kandy to Colombo. The bus, which was on its way to Colombo on Monday (31), is nearing the Yakkala area around 7 pm and no one has been found near the girl who was caught up in the incident. The person on the video was in the other side of the seat The girl who faced the incident says that she behaved in a public pub without exposing her sexual area Neth GOSSIP.

She went to another seat for redemption and returned to her next door, and the person is returning to her usual work. Later, she informed the bus conductor and got off her bus and came to another destination in another bus.

'' I have been fighting this crisis hit that time ate tibuṇā.namut it comes to video that anyone who did not see society as poor or comes venavā.anik happen anywhere in public as a silent because hiṭiyā.bas hadāvi.ē to wrong interpretation innavā.ehema or if we fight, we look at others for help or innavā.vacanayakin rarely let anyone is ... '' she said she.

However, she has shown the incident secretly on her mobile phone and the video is below.

Such a woman as sexual abuse, which signifies that the law can be punished for a mistake caused by such an act of vanavā.podu Police in the legal action to be for the police and the Children and Women's Bureau has established a phone number is 0112 44 44 44 of the opening 24 hours has.

Several events, such as attacks on persons engaged in indecent sexual acts in public places in recent days, and there were reports that the special expertise it shows pornography is a mental illness, Dr. Reuben said Rumy were. agapasaga a satisfying sex party against the exposure of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital Psychiatry This is expected not only for men but also for women's parties Vayaṭada which can ill situation, he revealed.

'Heal the mental status of persons addicted Shortly vanavā.nositatū time against the side of his genitals to demonstrate their opposition to the party position is considered apostrophes karagannavā.liṁgika amount to the satisfaction of its difficulties faced due to the condition of mental counseling and timely drug treatment It is possible to heal this condition during the initial phase It can go on to a severe end, such as committing suicide on such a stress. As a result of this situation, it does not understand such a situation. Therefore, if a person with such a psychiatric condition receives treatment from a recognized mental health practitioner, 'Further commenting on the subject of mental illness, Dr. Rumy Ruben, stated.
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